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  41. BulletMy Love Affair with the Venous System.pdf

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  19. BulletStructure and Response to Flow of the Glycocalyx Layer Review 2014.pdf

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  23. BulletSystemic oxygen extraction during exercise at high altitude.pdf

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  25. BulletThe Guyton view that mean systemic pressure and right atrial pressure govern venous return.pdf

  26. BulletTHE IMMUNE SYSTEM.pdf

  27. BulletThe meaning of blood pressure Review 2018.pdf

  28. BulletThe Physiologic Implications of Isolated Alpha1 Adrenergic Stimulation review.pdf

  29. BulletThe Problem with Physiology.pdf

  30. BulletThe right ventricle interaction with the pulmonary circulation review 2016.pdf

  31. BulletThe Role of the Kidney in Disorders of Volume.pdf

  32. BulletThe Role of Venous Return in Critical Illness and Shock review 2013 .pdf

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  34. BulletThe Unappreciated Role of Carbon Dioxide in Ventilation: Perfusion Matching 2019.pdf

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  45. BulletV:Q distribution and correlation to atelectasis in anesthetized paralyzed humans.pdf

  46. BulletVagus Nerve and Vagus Nerve Stimulation Review.pdf

  47. BulletVasopressin and the cardiovascular system review.pdf

  48. BulletVasopressin System Physiology and Clinical.Review.pdf

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  54. BulletVon Willebrand factor review.pdf

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